Places I, or others, stayed remain as images. These places, in which we stared and felt differing emotions, are fixed as scenes. The photographic images I use represent those parts of a place where gazes fell and rested. They exist as a means of recording often incidental, yet always subjective, memories.


For me, spaces with windows and the views through them remain as images from memories, like scenes from photographs. Memories of windows exist as symbols of recall and contain a mixture of specific spaces and their connected feelings, in this sense they are a medium, connecting not only the inner and outer world, but also the past and present. The feelings and memories aroused by gazing through windows stay with us as images. Furthermore, each scene generated by memories remains a perpetual reminiscence through distortion and layering.


In my work, the concept of space is just as important as the image. The spaces that the images depict (both directly and indirectly) could be seen as metaphorical mediums. They may represent empirical memories of places visited and stayed in. Likewise, they could also signify virtual spaces in which memories have become confused or conflated. Finally, they might also be seen as redolent of abstract spaces in which memories are entirely reconstructed or imagined. Through these ambiguities, I hope my work is visually engaging, but also has a wider value based on common experiences and thought processes.